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We're professionals, designers, entrepreneurs, & awkward posers.

We are a team of ‘think-heads’ who love creating new things…better things. Bitten by the startup bug early in our careers we have had a fair bit of multi-national exposure working in multiple domains including marketing, sports management, fashion, supply chain management and more.Today, thanks to the expertise we acquired, our ambition is to create something of value.

Agency that works, yeah.

We've been building brand after brands over the year.
Good branding means good business.

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Who are we?

Immfinite is a startup assisting professionals, job-seekers, entrepreneurs, employers, business owners, students,
families, companies and their employees with everything they need to make a move to Canada.
Let us make it absolutely clear for you. We are NOT Canadian Immigration Consultants. Neither are we a law firm. And we don’t operate as one. But one thing is for sure you’ll definitely like us more.


What do we do?

Simply put,

we make this easier for you.

Take us as your personal ‘Immigration Concierge’ who will assist you in connecting with the right resources to apply
for Canadian Permanent Residency / Work Permit/Student Permit and in everything that comes along with it. That
includes all the information and guidance in finding licensed immigration experts, but also figuring out various time-consuming and complicated processes to procure the documentation, assistance in the process of job search (if you
are qualified), online IELTS ® Prep, and everything that comes along the way.

What do we do?

When it comes to working on visas, a lot relies on paperwork which includes making the profile, filling in the tedious
forms, procuring documentation, working on letters, getting authorised signatures, and compiling them all in the
And we’re REALLY good, fast and efficient at it!
But we do not and cannot give you legal advice. Depending on your profile, you may need legal questions
answered. At immfinite, we get our clients the best legal advice through licensed Regulated Canadian Immigration
Consultant (RCIC) / independent attorneys—to cover everything that we can’t do. We work with experienced
immigration lawyers that help you solve all your immigration problems.


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