Canada Simplified.

Planning to immigrate to Canada and don’t know where to start?

Let us make it easy for you!

Take us as your personal ‘Immigration Concierge’ who will assist you in connecting with the right resources to apply for Canadian Permanent Residency/Work Permit/Student Permit and in everything that comes along with it.

How does it all work?

Fill out the form

Provide us with your profile details by
filing out the form and let our
experts evaluate your credentials.
Step 1

Sit back and relax

We will get in touch with you, if you are
eligible. If not, we will contact you once we have something for you.
Step 2

Game plan

Our experts will contact you and
assist you map out the best plan and accordingly, the next steps of the process.
Step 3

Get, set, go!

Start with the relevant visa/job
documentation and application
Step 4

Hello Canada!

Get hired/approved.
Book your tickets to
Canada and start a new life!
Step 5

When you know better, you do better. Let’s get to know you better.


Answer these quick questions to help us understand your profile.

What is your industry?

What Services do we offer?


Canada PR/Work Permit Support

We connect you with expert professionals so that you get the right visa documentation/filing help

Overseas Education Mentoring

Chart out the best education plan with our team of Gurus with valid credentials

Job Search Assistance

Our experienced Career Mentors assist you to find a job in Canada matching your skillset

Online IELTS ® Prep

Achieve the best scores with our customised expert intensive training programs

People don’t buy Services. They buy Experiences, Stories, and…Magic

Building relations is something, we have always believed in. We love connecting with people and hearing out their stories. Thanks to that, we have had the opportunity to connect with people from over 50+ countries.

Quick SECRET…this is actually, that one major reason we, absolutely, love what we do at Immfinite. Day in Day out, we get to connect with ambitious professionals(like, YOURSELF!) which keeps us motivated.

What sets us apart?

Fast. Efficient.

We value time. Through a uniquely designed 360° Experience+ Technology to Conversion focused program, we help you find the fastest and the most efficient route to Canada. Get approved visa in a fraction of the time while bypassing your timeline and ensuring that you achieve your goals…FASTER!

Premium Service

We use a combination of insightful knowledge, expert guidance, technology and data to deliver a highly professional and satisfactory experience throughout the process for our clients. Our methodical approach and constant feedback system ensures that we deliver the services…BETTER!

Personalised Support

We understand that every client profile is unique. Our prime focus is on understanding your needs and goals in the best way possible so that we can work out a customised strategy for you. Our process is designed to offer maximum personalised support right from day one, which makes the entire process…EASIER!

Global Presence

We are an experienced team of Consultants, Professionals and Entrepreneurs with multiple years of experience working with/for clients from across the globe. Not only that but our Immfinite family spreads across the globe in over 50+ countries, giving you multiple reasons to dream…BIGGER!

But don’t take our word for it.

A big shoutout to all our clients for trusting us.

Our clients mean the world to us

Our Immfinite family includes a list of Happy clients, friends and connections from across the globe in over 50+ countries.

Go #infinite with immfinite

Possibilities are endless when you have the right people behind you. Contact us today and explore your options.

“…the right direction.”

I founded Immfinite to bridge the gap for anyone seeking a Career move to Canada.

Having personally experienced the journey as an international student, as a skilled immigrant worker and now, as a Permanent Resident, I know how challenging it can get to find the right direction.

And that’s where we, at immfinite, step in. We make sure that you get the right professional support throughout the journey so that you reach your goals faster.

Looking forward to assisting you in yours.

Divyank Sood

Founder at Immfinite

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