Top In-demand Jobs in Canada in 2021-22(Part 3)

Top In-demand Jobs in Canada during Covid-19(Part-3)

This blog is a part of our Blog series on In-demand Jobs in Canada during Covid-19. 

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Continuing from where we left, here are some of the occupations which have experienced a surge in demand even during these tumultuous times.

11. Inventory Control

As essential products are being stocked by people in big numbers, one sector which has been directly impacted is supply chain. This is the reason why Canadian companies are hiring inventory control specialists who can help them keep tract of existing stock and manage the flow of demand and supply efficiently. The sudden increase in demand has left many goods in short supply, hence making the role of such inventory control specialists even more critical at Canadian retail and wholesale stores.

12. Help desk and IT support

The digital transition is taking place at an exponential rate due to the restriction of  movement of people across various provinces of Canada. Such a huge shift has led to a huge rise in demand for help desk and IT support professionals who can facilitate the work-from-home model for people employed with various companies. They assist people in setting up hardware, access to enterprise software, video-calls, conferences, VPNs along with any troubleshooting related issues that they might encounter.

13. Janitors and Cleaners

Canadian public health department has issued a  vigorous health and safety plan for Canadians which need to be strictly adhered by one and all. Hygiene has therefore become one of the prime focusses. Therefore, janitors and cleaners have a very important role to play to ensure that the spread of this deadly virus can be contained in the quickest possible manner. They are being hired for deep cleaning and hourly spot cleaning at such places. More and more supermarkets and essential services workplaces are hiring such people to ensure that their facilities can stick the safety guidelines of the Canadian government.

14. Human resources 

Human resource professionals employed in various organizations in Canada are facing incredibly busy times as they are the ones directly responsible for communication of firings or pay-cuts of employees. Such kind of work involves a lot of documentation and paperwork which is time-consuming. In addition, these professionals also offer support functions such as training, health and safety guidelines, grievances, payrolls, etc. There are industries in Canada where HR professionals are required in good numbers.

15. Labourers and Warehouse workers 

Stockpiling of essentials goods and commodities has led to retailers and store owners requiring labourers 24×7 to keep with the demands of Canadian customers. In addition, Canadian manufacturers have also scaled up their production in response to shortage of such goods, which is why they are hiring labourers rapidly to maximize their production capabilities. Similarly, the demand for warehouse workers has gone up significantly so that the empty shelves can be filled up quickly at supermarkets and grocery stores.

16. Manufacturing engineers

Manufacturers of essential products and  services in Canada are working days and nights to meet the surge in demands of consumer goods. They need experienced and skilled manufacturing engineers to reduce any deficit in supply of such commodities while ensuring the quality of products at the same time. Many manufacturers are struggling to keep up with the demand to produce products while are in severe shortage. If you happen to be a manufacturing engineer in Canada during the pandemic, you can expect to have multiple job offers.

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