Top In-demand Jobs in Canada in 2021-22(Part 2)

Top In-demand Jobs in Canada during Covid-19(Part-2)

This blog is a part of our Blog series on Top In-demand Jobs in Canada during Covid-19. 

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Continuing from where we left, here are some of the occupations which have experienced a surge in demand even during these tumultuous times

6. Call centre executives

The Corona pandemic has led to customer care lines buzzing with phone-calls 24×7. Also,  the e-commerce businesses have witnessed a surge in live chats and email supports like never before. Customers may need all sort of assistance related to products/services, cancellations, refunds, deliveries, etc. Many are also opting for cancelling or suspending their ongoing subscriptions due to lockdowns imposed across the globe and no respite in sight in the near future. Hence, the demand for call centre executives have gone up in the recent times in Canada. This, in addition to the fact that they can also work remotely from the comfort of their homes, has made this field an ideal alternative for organisation dealing directly with customers in some or the other.

7. Civil engineers

Construction projects come under the essential services in many provinces across Canada. Building projects related to hospitals, transit, housing, roads, tunnels, drainage systems, etc. continue to remain active like ever before. Hence, the demand for experienced civil engineers continues to grow even during the pandemic. Also, it’s a well known fact that demand for residential properties in places like  Vancouver and Toronto far outweighs the supply. And with the pandemic hitting the job industry real hard, people are on the lookout for affordable housing options. The Canadian government as well as private players need Civil engineers in big numbers to meet this growing demand.

8. Retail Supervisors

Supermarkets, grocery stores, convenience stores and essential retailers are witnessing record footfall as more and more Canadians are lining up to stock their supplies of  essential commodities. pandemic. The only way such companies can manage this spike is by ramping up their hiring for retail supervisors and managers so that their day to day operations can run smoothly without any disruption whatsoever. Supervisors play a critical role in managing scheduling, supply chain, health and safety of employees as well as dealing with customer requests and complaints in the most efficient manner. If you happen to be an experienced supervisor/manager in the retail industry, then Canada is just the right place to look for employment during these times.

9. Advertising, Business Development and Marketing Professionals

The sales across industries have dropped dramatically, thanks to COVID-19 and the aftermath. As more and more stores are opting for cost cutting measures to keep their  businesses afloat, it has put an additional focus on advertising and marketing people to attract customers to their doorstep without going overboard with their budget. Digital marketers and growth marketing professionals are in high demand right now in Canada as customers have shifted to online purchasing. Experienced professionals who can help companies attract visitors to their e-stores without putting too much pressure on their balance-sheet are being sought after by recruiters in Canada.

10. Accountants and Financial professionals

Financial sector has taken a major hit during the pandemic.  With hundreds of businesses and people out of the market, more and more are now looking for ways to secure their savings and access any sort of financial support that might be available to them. Therefore, accountants and tax professionals who can guide people with accessing mortgage deferrals, tax filings, RRSPs, etc. are in demand by companies as well as regular people.

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