Top In-demand Jobs in Canada in 2021-22(Part 1)

The COVID-19 pandemic has had more than a negative impact on the Canadian economy. Innumerable organisations have been compelled to close and a huge number of Canadians have lost their positions, had their hours diminished, or been briefly laid off during the emergency. In spite of the fact that the economy has been hit hard by these changes, there are some encouraging signs. Some job profiles are actually doing much better than others during the pandemic.

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In case you’re on the lookout for opportunities in Canada right now, here are some of the occupations which have experienced a surge in demand even during these tumultuous times

1. Software Developers 

With COVID-19 keeping everybody inside, we’re investing more energy online than any other time in recent memory. Engineers keep all the advanced stages we depend on running easily. Numerous organisations are likewise relying on online deals to keep them above water during this time of lockdowns across the globe. Software developers play a critical role in keeping the internet business afloat, debugging and troubleshooting such online stores/shops, or even making the transition to work from home culture smoother and effective. A few managers are likewise utilising the more slow period to take a shot at enormous ventures that were sidelined before the pandemic. From site updates, to programming overhauls, to building new highlights, some long-gestating ventures are at last coming around. So the demand for such talented software professionals is definitely on the rise across the world, and Canada is no exception.

2. Sales/Account/Marketing Executives

Numerous organisations are encountering a business decline during COVID-19. While fundamental organisations are flourishing and encountering higher than ordinary deals volume, organisations operating in the non essential category line of business are under the weather as people are spending their money on items which they deem necessary at this point in time. Organisations that depend on B2B deals are experience similar issues with demand plummeting like a deck of card, in turn forcing companies to downsize their spending to decrease overhead during these times of uncertainty. However, this has also led to sudden increase in demand searching for professionals who can market and sell their products/services during these torrid times. B2C and B2B sales and marketing professionals who are willing to hustle and push their limits to help such companies stay afloat with their numbers are highly sought after in Canada these days.

3. Retail Clerks and Managers

It’s a well known fact that basic retail locations are encountering a flood in deals at the  present time. Any individual who has been to a supermarket as of late has seen the long queues with empty racks. Supermarkets, drug stores,  convenience and grocery stores and other basic retailers are under huge pressure as they work nonstop to maintain the ongoing supply of essential items while simultaneously ensuring the safety of their customers. Retail representatives and clerks have become no less than warriors during this pandemic, operating 24×7 to guarantee that customers needs and demands are met in the best possible way.  With demand for such essential items witnessing a surge like never before, the demand for cashiers, clerks and store managers has also been witnessing a spike in Canada in the recent times.

4. Nurses and Health Professionals

With the convergence of COVID-19 patients at clinics, centres other medical care offices, the lack of attendants is more intense than any time in recent memory. Numerous COVID-19 patients admitted to medical clinics require intense care for extended period of time. Medical attendants are directly responsible for the well-being of such patients. This has led to a spike in demand for such healthcare professionals, attendants and registered nurses across Canada, especially since most medical attendants aren’t willing to switch jobs during the pandemic. In addition, there has also been a shortage of healthcare support staff, which play a critical role in helping the nurses and doctors operate smoothly during such emergencies. So, if you are one such professional, then you are definitely a hot property in Canada in the current times.

5. Truck drivers 

Basic retailers are encountering immense floods in demand to maintain the supply of essential items at their stores. Therefore, truck drivers are being treated as prized commodities in Canada these days. Deliveries to such stores has increased exponentially in the past couple of months throughout Canada, as more and more struggle to keep up with the demand for necessary supplies. This has put immense pressure on the entire supply chain. With truck drivers being a crucial link to this chain, the demand for licensed truck operators and drivers across Canada is going up with each passing day. If you can help these retailers keep their inventories flowing during Covid-19 in Canada, you are bound to make some good money.

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